At C&C Sand and Stone Co. we can drill boulders to create what we call 'bubbling boulders."  Step 1, choose a boulder from our yard.  Step 2, have our experts drill the boulder to create the perfect flow of water out of the boulder.  Step 3, have the boulder delivered and enjoy!  Boulders can be set on top of a reservoir to give the appearance of the water running into the ground, instead of a visible pond.  These features create a relaxing sound and a center point for a yard.  Water feature boulders are an inexpensive and low maintenance way to add a little movement to your yard.  We have an extremely large selection boulders that can be picked through to chose your perfect feature.  Come by today and tag your boulder!

C&C Sand and Stone Co. Bubbling Boulder.jpg

Bubbling Boulders

Come by today to select your bubbling accent boulder. You choose your spot to drill and vualĂ , you have a magnificent bubbling boulder.